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Models HMI 450 HMI 730 HMI 750 HMI 1050 HMI 1550
Dimensions   4,3”   7”   7”   10”   15”
Resolution W x H pixels   480x232   800x480   800x480   1024x768   1024x768
Display type   TFT wide touch screen   TFT touch screen
Colours   65.536   65.536   65.536   65.536   65.536
Touch screen type   Resistive analog
Active display area W x H mm   95x54   152x91   152x91   203x153   304X228
Display position   Horizontal or Vertical
MTBF backlight at 25°C   30.000 h   50.000 h   50.000 h   50.000 h   50.000 h
Backlight   LED   LED   LED   LED   LED
Brightness Adjustment   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Screen saver   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Language fonts   Unicode including Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese & Korean
Main hardware
Processor, CPU speed   ARM 11, 533MHz   ARM Cortex A5 667MHz
Flash memory (ROM)   128MB   128MB   128MB   128MB   128MB
SDRAM (RAM)   128MB   128MB   256MB   256MB   256MB
Sistema Operativo   WinCE 6.0   WinCE 6.0   WinCE 6.0   WinCE 6.0   WinCE 6.0
Real Time Clock   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Buzzer   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Sound Input+Output 3DI + 3DO   No   No   Option   Option   Option
SD card slot   Option   Option   Yes   Yes   Yes
RS232C, D89 Ma   1   1   1   1   1
RS232C/RS422/RS485, DB25He 1   1   1   1   1
Ethernet 10/100 Mps, RJ45   Option   Option   1   2   2
USB Host   1   1   1   1   1
Other networks
MPI/Profibus-DP/ProfiNet   Option   No   Option   Option   Option
DeviceNet. EtherNet/IP   Option   No   Option   Option   Option
CANopen,EtherCAT   Option   No   Option   Option   Option
BACnet/IP, CC-Link   Option   No   Option   Option   Option
General Specifications
Power supply   11 - 36 V DC            90 - 250 V AC 
Consumption   10W   12W   13W   15W   27W
Power on LED indicator   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Outer dimensiones W x H x D mm   140x116x57   212x156x57   212x156x57   325x263x56   400x310x56
Mounting depth (mm)   51   51   51   50   50
Panel cutout mm   123x99   197x141   197x141   310x248   367x289
Protection (front / rear)   IP65 / IP20   IP65 / IP20   IP65 / IP20   IP65 / IP20   IP65 / IP20
Front bezel, housing Plast. / Plast.   Plast. / Plast.   Alum. / Plast.   Alum. / Metal   Alum. / Metal
Stainless Steel front bezel   No   No   Option, IP66K   Option, IP66K   Option, IP66K
Installation   Panel Mount   Panel Mount   Panel Mount   Panel Mount   Panel Mount
Net Weight (Kgs)   0,5   1,2   1,4   3,6   5,1


hmi grafic

Powerful and user friendly Panel Studio editing software supports many PLC drivers. Good features include Fine components,

Trends, Alarms, bar-graphs, Recipes, Multilingual. Scripts, Data logging, Remote Viewer Vector graphics, Symbol factory,

Online/Offline Simulation for Rapid application development.

  • Free, powerful and friendly HMI editing software
  • 2-editing styles in both GUI wizard and Property grid
  • Lots of fine-made objects of Meters, Sliders, Digital LED, Check boxes, Combo boxes, Number Up/Down, etc.
  • 112 basic symbols, high-resolution, vector format, some in 6 colors, flipped and rotatable in 4 directions in design time
  • Basic symbols support moving and 32 band run-time animation on background color, visibility, flip, rotation
  • Optional Symbol Factory with symbols over 4K, flipping, rotating in 4 directions, changing color in design time
  • Symbol Factory control allows 50 band run-time animation, each band in different colors or blinking
  • Picture box to import pictures in bmp, wmf, jpg, gif & png formats
  • Drawing tools like rectangle, ellipse, etc., maximum 32 bands, each band with visible control, filling color & blinking
  • Drawing tools like rectangle, ellipse, etc., with run-time animation like filling, moving & sizing
  • Many PLC drivers supported on both Serial & Ethernet ports via OPC server
  • Data exchange between two different PLCs as a gateway
  • Diagnostic tools for drivers like OPC server & OPC client to test communication between PC and PLC directly
  • IO poll groups, different scan rates for PLC tags, possible to scan tags always or only tags on active page
  • Retentive and non-retentive internal variables available for mathematical calculation
  • 3 types of screens in Page, Template and Pop-up
  • The Scheduler to trigger actions at specific time or time intervals
  • Recipe management to create data elements and data records in design time
  • Recipe viewer to edit data records and transfer setpoints from HMI to PLC and vice versa in run-time
  • Real-time alarms in 7 types, historical alarms and alarm management in maximum 9 groups
  • Alarm banner to display the latest alarm in single line
  • Real-time trends and historical trends, with maximum 24 pens for each component
  • Bit-wise alarms for integer tag received from PLC
  • Data stored in internal memory or optional SD card
  • Data logging by 4 methods, 2 types and 10 rates
  • Data acquisition software Historical Viewer to view historical data and alarms on PC
  • Security management used for maximum 100 users divided by 9-authority levels
  • Script/Macro programmed in C language for mathematical and logical calculation
  • Run-time user administration done by user-view component
  • Software in multilingual, easy for local application engineers
  • Multilingual on the display, easy for users, maximum 30 languages
  • Online simulation to test application program quickly by simulating it on PC while connecting with PLC
  • Offline simulation to test application program by simulating it on PC without connecting with PLC
  • Copy screens between projects to save developing time
  • Copy/paste animation for drawing tools like rectangle, ellipse etc., to save developing time
  • Project compiler to verify the application under developing before downloading to HMI
  • Message libraries via Word Lamp with animations to display various messages based on different values
  • Advanced buttons with animation in 3 kinds of actions namely clicked, pressed and released with timing
  • Bit-wise animation used with bit lamp for integer tag to show status of integer tag received from PLC
  • Multiple sessions to open projects in design time on PC
  • Handy components for tables to quickly draw rows and columns
  • Project explorer and Tool box to quickly view hierarchy of all objects in software
  • Flexible to call many system functions from buttons, events, schedulers, scripts, etc.
  • To download application program efficiently from PC to HMI via Ethernet port, or via USB stick