Absolute humidity & temp sensors


DELTA OHM Absolute humidity & temperature sensors (active transmitters)

The HD3817T . and HD38V17T ... are active absolute humidity and temperature transmitters with dual channel current output
4 ... 20mA or voltage 0 ... 10Vdc, respectively. The absolute humidity is the ratio between the mass of water vapor and air volume measured and is expressed in g / m 3.  The transmitters belonging to the group HD3817T ..are used in the control of moisture in materials during drying processes.
When materials are dried by heating or through a hot air flow, increasing the absolute humidity, is directly proportional to the amount of water that has lost the material.  A control system that measures absolute humidity can maintain a humidity level by injecting, if necessary, steam or atomized water into the environment.

hd3817 Models Output Scale Power Specifications  
HD 3817T.. 4...20 mA 0...60 g / m3

0...200 ºC
24V AC Probe seperate
T130 L = 127mm Cable 2m
T150 L = 127mm Cable 5m
T230 L = 227mm Cable 2m
T250 L = 227mm Cable 5m
HD 38V17T. 0...10V DC