Sound-level meters
INSTRUMENTS  complete information in PDF documents
DELTA OHM HD 8701     
Type A digital sound level meter scale range 30-130 dB. Resolution 0.1 dB
Class 2 according to IEC 651
HD 8701S Supplied in a case with the probe
hd2010 HD 2010
The HD2010 is a precision integrating portable sound level meter, with data logging functions, performing both spectrum and statistical analysis. The instrument has been designed combining maximum fl exibility and simplicity
DELTA OHM HD 9020   
Digital sound level meter with RS232 serial output C.
512 Kbit Memory Class 1 according to IEC 551, 804, 1260
serial CP RS232C Supplied in a case with the probe HD 9010S, HD 9101 calibrator, protective screen for microphone, extension cord CPA / 3 and parallel cable RS232C serial output CP
Accessories for sound meters  (see PDF for complete info)
micro. Various microphones and accessories to taking  measurements pdf